Clock in control and real time journey management

Smart, practical and easy solution, follows the work journey when and where they are

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Know Our Sistem

Pmóvel is the clock in innovator system, that follows the work journey making possible many ways to fit into your company and with it, register the clock in wherever, could be in the company, in the street, or home office.

Clock in control

To register and control when the employee are in and out in a easy way/BIOMETRY/Clock in control through fingerprint recognition of the employees.


Clock in control through fingerprint recognition of the employees.


Through computer, cellphone or call the register gets easier.


Watch the in and out register location in real time.


High disponibility web services to sync and register flows and prosecutions.

Choose your plan

To register and control when the employee are in and out in a easy way


Wanna know how it's easy?

Over five thousand companies in over twenty countries, believe and trust in Pmóvel solutions. Stop wasting your time!

Download our app

After activating your contract, download the app at your app store.

Customize your profile

Register and customize your team and following up informations to start making your registrations

Optimize your management

Done! From now on, you’ll have much ease to manage informations of your team.


Choose your plan

We offer different plans that garantee your needs. From smalls to big corporations.  Each plan can be charged monthly ou anual, having a discount for each kind of charge.

To 49 lives

  • R$6,90
  • / conta (plano mensal)

From 50 to 99 lives

  • R$6,70
  • / conta (plano mensal)

From 100 to 999 lives

  • R$6,30
  • / conta (plano mensal)

From 1.000 to 4.999 lives

  • R$5,90
  • / conta (plano mensal)

From 5.000 to 9.999 lives

  • R$5,70
  • / conta (plano mensal)

From 10.000 lives

  • R$5,50
  • / conta (plano mensal)


Notícias e Informações

The method of collection and registration through mobile

Learn how to register your punching in PMÓVEL using mobile!

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What is PMÓVEL?

Meet PMÓVEL: the solution for your company!

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Many companies and managers are in doubt about online clock in systems.

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